sustainable pasture-raised BEEF, PORK & eggs



Our hogs are raised exclusively on local grains and home-grown forage where they are rotated every two weeks through paddocks with access to shade, water and food plots with native grasses, millet, beans, sunflowers, beets, turnips, corn, squash, zucchini, cucumbers (and more) for them to graze. They get a lot of sunshine and exercise. Our hogs also occasionally get George’s Mill Artisan Cheese Farm's whey (a byproduct of making cheese). Whey offers a nice dose of protein, enhances the flavor of the meat and provides health benefits to the hogs.

Our approach to raising pigs provides them access to a fresh diverse diet and allows us to protect the health of our soil and pastures by continuously moving them. Rotating hogs across different grounds provides additional health benefits, aids in disease prevention, distributes manure and reduces it's smell.




We offer a variety of individually vacuumed sealed pork cuts on-site at the farm. A sampling of our pork prices can be found here >>

Our standard cuts are below and occasionally we have a few special cuts in the freezer...

  • tenderloin (pork fish)
  • loin roasts & chops
  • bacon
  • pork belly
  • boston butt & picnic roasts 
  • sausage (link & ground): breakfast, applewurst, mild italian, hot italian, andoullie
  • smoked ham roasts
  • unseasoned ground pork
  • spareribs
  • hocks
  • back fat
  • sliced jowl
  • sliced liver
  • soup bones


In the fall we offer whole/half hog shares. Whole/half hog shares is one of the most efficient ways financially to purchase fresh local meat. Each cut will be vacuumed sealed or paper wrapped depending on your choice (prices vary). Our whole hogs will provide you about 180 pounds of meat and a half will provide you about 90 pounds of meat. When your meat is ready, we will coordinate pick-up time and location. Get more information on our whole/half hog shares >>

learn where to buy our pork >>


We raise pastured heritage hogs and have been experimenting with different breeds and crosses. We want pigs that are efficient foragers and grazers and possess characteristics that make them well-suited for outdoor production.

Our 2017 pigs are a mixture of Berkshires, Tamworth x Manglista and Tamworth x Berkshires.