sustainable pasture-raised BEEF, PORK & eggs

Our pastured salamis will be produced in true small-batch style – meaning each batch will be unique based on the type of hogs, season in which they were finished and salami flavoring and curing style selected.

Our first batch was released July 2017 and made from our Tamworth x Mangalista hogs. We opted for a simple cacciatore style salami to allow the full flavor of the meat to come through. These hogs were raised and finished on local feed, millet, turnips, peas, oats and fresh spring grasses earlier this year. We expect the foraging ability of the Tamworth and the delicious buttery fat of the Mangalista to be an excellent pair for a salami. We had roughly 300 of these salamis produced – once their gone they’re gone!

Great salami starts with quality raw materials. The right pigs were hand-selected, pork carefully prepared and premium spices blended. The salamis slowly aged in curing rooms that were brought over from Italy and meet USDA standards.We’ve been wanting to make salamis for years and this spring we finally found a USDA certified curing and charcuterie operation that will work with a small farm – a truly unique opportunity.